The Alive Musical Yoga Experience
is a unique and transformational yoga and musical journey.
Through an original choreographed yoga practice, weaving
sophisticated asana sequencing, heart opening movement,
intentional mantra and breathwork, the AMYE creates an
unforgettable transformative practice like no other.
Dance with me
in this burning room
while sweat drips from my body
and strength kindles the radiance
within me.

Dance with me
in this place where tears form and
pass like cleansing waves.

Dance with me my Sweet Lord.
Take my hand,
catch my smile,
hold my heart,
set it free,
laugh with me.

Dance with me
in passion and fear;
in life and joy and pain.

Dance with me
for the sake of the dance;
For the pure bliss of oneness
and the victorious strength of love.

-Poem by Emily Kinsman
(reflection of her Alive Musical
Yoga Journey)
The Alive Musical Yoga Experience

What is the "Alive Musical Yoga Experience"?
The Alive Musical Yoga Experience (AMYE)  is an experimental and innovative project
focused on exploring and integrating the power of asana, music, mantra, and movement.
Over the past 5 years, the AMYE has consisted of its founder Kristin Luna Ray
( and her husband Joshua Canter, in collaboration with various
musicians and teachers throughout the United States and Costa Rica.  Luna, a recording
artist, kirtan leader, and inspirational singer-songwriter, is also a devoted yoga practitioner
and teacher. Through her moving and inspirational lyrics, which have been the foundation
of her work, along with her understanding of both music, sound vibration, and yoga, she has
developed a model with the AMYE which has unique and diverse qualities compared to the
average live music with yoga class.  

Why is the AMYE unique?
The AMYE creates an energetic alchemy that intentionally weaves appropriate mantra,
music, teachings, and a sophisticated asana sequence making each class powerful and
memorable for the practitioner. The AMYE has been traveling across the US and Costa Rica
the past 3 years. Playing at yoga studios, retreat centers, fundraisers, and festivals the
AMYE has woven into a multitude of settings throughout the US and Costa Rica.  

How is Service ("Karma Yoga") an integral part of the AMYE?
The Alive Music and Yoga Experience begins on the mat in the class. From there, it spreads
out to the world. Service is an important element of the AMYE. Luna and Joshua are the
co-founder of the CREER Service Organization
(, a non-profit
focused on building a bridge of support to villages in Costa Rica, where they both live during
the winter months of each year ( The AMYE gives a
portion of its proceeds of each event to a local charity of choice, chosen at the time of
booking by the studio that hosts the AMYE.

How do you bring the Alive Musical Yoga Experience \to your studio or
contact us?
The AMYE continues to tour in 2010 and is interested in coming to your studio.
If you are interested in bringing the AMYE to your local studio or potentially teaching with
Luna in one of the AMYE classes please contact us at      
To watch a short video of the Alive Musical Yoga Experience,  
Click Here.